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This is a place where you can stay up to date on my life, travel, and style, and best of all, learn how to set goals, adult like a pro, overcome fear, and more!  In short, I'm a content creator. I'm a writer first, and a photographer second. I'll do my best to answer any questions as either a comment, video, or blog post.

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Feeling Lucky

Peace Out…2016?

I was cleaning my desk today and came across a list of my “best discoveries of 2016” that surely I meant to post somewhere but never did. Here we are at the end of 2017, and I’m looking at this…

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Facebook, Family, and the RX-7

You may disagree, but Facebook is fantastic. Over the past 10 years, I’ve reunited with classmates, planned trips with folks I attended elementary school with (true story!), learned to be a better photographer, and kept up with family. I’m easily…

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Ask Insana, Feeling Lucky

Money 101 | The Pilot

Sunday, April 9, 2017 | Bowie, MD This Sunday, my brother Ashté and I hosted a Money 101 class, intended to teach teenagers about money, banking, credit, taxes, budgeting, and investing. All of the things that should be taught in…

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Nice, France | Sept 2015

After spending three days in beautiful Marrakech, April and I headed to Nice, France for the last leg of our trip. First thing we did: headed to the beach, of course. It was absolutely gorgeous and about 84 degrees in…

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Marrakech, Morocco | Sept 2015

After Lisbon, April and I headed to Morocco, by way of Casablanca. I read that Casablanca is the Wall Street of Morocco, so we decided not to spend any time there and head straight to the souks of Marrakech. I…

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Lisbon, Portugal | Sept 2015

Lisbon, Portugal, September 2015, starring April and I We were expecting much warmer weather in Lisbon but it barely reached 70 degrees during our three-day stay. While looking for a good photo op, we spotted this random pagoda.   We…

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Aruba, Jan/Feb 2015

Annual Trip to Aruba, Jan/Feb 2015 – Starring me, Shinavia, April, Monty, Jay, my sister Qualamiya and Crystal. This was the first time I had a co-ed group come along with me, and I’m so glad!     At the…

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[REVIEW] Zero Motorcycle: World's Quietest Ride

Recently, I got the chance to ride an electric sportsbike made by Zero Motorcycles on Zero demo day at Coleman Powersports in Falls Church.  Founded in Santa Cruz, California,...

Viva Las Vegas

How to Pack for a 10-Day European Vacation: Summer Edition

Hi! This post is for anyone (especially women!) looking for one-bag packing tips, whether you’re traveling to Europe or anywhere else in the world in the summer. Keep in...